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Responsible Research and Innovation in three countries: Finland, Poland and Spain-Catalonia

RRIL-Buch_TitelAuthors: Karsten Krüger (coord.); Alba Molas; Laureano Jiménez; Jonna Hjelt, Elias Pekkola; Jari Stenvall, Agata Stasik, Alicja Dańkowska & Natalia Kobza
Year: 2020
Resume: The book presents the technical reports of the first part of the project Responsible Research and Innovation Learning RRIL, in which the degree of the implementation of the concept RRI in the Finnish, Polish and Spanish innovation systems were analysed paying special attention to the knowledge area of energy and economy. The three reports are resumed at the last summary chapter.

Our analysis showed the low relevance of RRI for steering the systems, but also for the institutional governance in all three countries. At the level of research groups and individual researchers, RRI is even less relevant. Naturally, there are some exceptions of this general statement. RRI has certain relevance in some universities, research and technology centres as a guiding vision. The impression of the uneven relevance of RRI is confirmed having a look of the strategic relevance of the three RRI dimension selected by the RRIL project: public engagement, gender and ethics. In general, public engagement – in the sense of triple and quadruple helix – has the highest priority, meanwhile, for different reason, gender and ethic have lower relevance for the design of innovation strategies and within concrete science-based innovation projects