Responsible Research & Innovation in Poland

Titelblatt_PolandAuthors: Agata Stasik , Alicja Dańkowska & Natalia Kobza
Year: 2020
Resume: This report has been prepared as a part of the Erasmus+ project Responsible Research and Innovation Learning aimed at developing continuous training modules for the implementation of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles. The RRI concept stands for the European strategy a) to increase social acceptance of research and innovation within the European society through inclusion of non-academic social actors at all stages of research and innovation processes, including the governance structures (public engagement) and accomplishment of ethical principles, b) to bring the European research and innovation closer to society through public engagement and ‘science with and for society’ initiatives (e.g. as citizen science), and last but not least c) to implement the principle of equality in research and innovation processes, especially with regard to gender.
This report outlines the relevance of the RRI concept and its main elements in the Polish National Innovation System. RRIL project focuses predominantly on two knowledge areas: economics and energy. It focuses on the realization of RRI principles in the context of support for the development of innovation in the diverse institutional framework: from technical universities and business schools, through start-ups accelerators and NGOs, to technology transfer centers and technology companies.